Sunday, August 5, 2012

Idli fry / Manchurian


Idli - 3 Nos
Corn flour - 2 tbsp
Maida - 1 tbsp
Chilli powder - 1/2 tbsp
Salt - as required
Oil - for deep frying

1. Cut the idli either lengthwise or like cubed ones.
2. In a bowl mix corn flour,Maida, chilli powder, salt together with water. The consitency should be like idly batter.
3. Now mix the idlis in the above flour mix and deep fry it.

It can be served along with ketchup / sauce.

Idli Manchurian:


Fried idlis - 1 cup (fried idlis - you can follow the above recipe or simply deep fry the idlis)
Onion - 1 no (chopped - lengthwise)
Capsicum - 1/2 (chopped - lengthwise)
Garlic pods - 2 nos(chopped finely)
Ginger - 1" piece (chopped finely)
Salt - As requried
Chilli powder - 1/2 tbsp
Pepper powder - 1/4 tbsp
Oil - 2 tbsp

1. Heat a little oil in a pan and add garlic, ginger and onions. Fry till it becomes slender.
2. Now add capsicum pieces and fry for a min. then add chilli powder, salt and pepper powder.
3. Add the idli pieces and mix well, till all the pieces are coated well with masala.

You can garnish with coriander and spring onion.


  1. Looks Really DELICIOUS.
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