Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ghewar with Rabri

Hi friends,
Though i was not fully recovered from my Disc prolapse, this time i don't want to excuse myself  from participating in Divya's South Vs Noth Challenge.
I wanted to try this recipe w/o fail becoz of the way Ms Manjula has presented it with step by step procedures.

My family members didn't allow me to cook. But y'day when everyone was asleep, i crawled into the kitchen to try this sweet. So here goes my recipe of preparing ghewar with household items.


  • Wheat flour – ½  cup (wanted to try this instead of maida)
  • Water – ½ cup
  • Milk - ½ cup
  • Ghee – 3 tbsp, for preparing batter
  • Ghee – ¼  kg, for deep fry
  • Sugar – ½ cup
  • Almonds - ½ tsp, chopped
  • Pistachios - ½ tsp, chopped
  • Cashew – ½ tsp, chopped
  • Cardamom powder - ½ tsp

  1. In a big bowl, mix ghee and cold milk and blend it together vigorously. Now add the wheat flour to it little by little and mix properly.
  2. Now add water to it little by little and mix well to make a batter with uniform consistency.
  3. In a cylindrical utensil, heat ¼ kg of ghee. When the ghee is hot, pour a ladle of batter slowly in the center of ghee. Wait for one minute and pour the next ladle of batter. (Note:  The batter is always poured in the center of the utensil. As when you pour the batter into the center , it spreads around the corner and lift up in the ghee. )
  4. With the help of a mini spoon, pierce the ghewar at some places. Allow it to fry  until the ghewar turns pink in color.
  5. Now switch off the flame and remove the ghewar from the ghee and drain on a kitchen paper for excess ghee.
  6. Now prepare sugar syrup with 1 cup of water and ½ cup of sugar. Allow it to boil until it reaches the single string consistency. Then turn off the flame.
  7. Now dip ghewar in sugar syrup and drain on a mesh. It would taste good, if you allow the ghewar to dry for atleast ½ an hour. In the meanwhile you can prepare rabri.
For Rabri:
  • Milk – ½ litre
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp
  1. Boil the milk in heavy bottomed vessel over medium heat until it reduces 1/3 of its original quantity.
  2. Now add sugar and condensed milk to it and allow it to boil until the sugar dissolves. Allow it to cool. Rabri is ready to go with Ghewar. (I didn’t use condensed milk, as it was frozen :( )
Final touch:
Now top up the ghewar with rabri and sprinkle the chopped almonds, pistachios and cardamom powder over it.  
The delicious ghewar is ready, can’t wait anymore. Though the shape of the ghewar was not in order, but the taste was outstanding.

I have done a variation by the following method.
Mix the sugar syrup and rabri together and to it add ghewar pieces and all chopped nuts. Mix well and eat . It is more delicious.
Even my little daughter who doesn’t like sweets  ate this sweet.  Thankfully I didn't get scold from anyone for trying this. From this you can guess that the sweet was yummy.
Friends the process seems to be tough. But it is very simple to do.
Thanks to Divya for announcing  this challenge and Manjula Bharath for hosting Jan month challenge – the great rajasthani sweet.


  1. ah shyla despite not being well u attempted it and so well u did

    now u better take rest and this has come out really good

  2. nicely done dear even with your health problem...........

  3. well done dear .. great effort and making ghewar wheat flour was a gud idea :) kudos shylaa shree

  4. N am so glad that you enjoyed these ghewar .. happy to follow you dear :)
    Manjula bharath

  5. nice ghevar.. happy to follow u.. do visit my space on ur free time..

  6. Very nice, well made ghevar........delicious.

  7. looks tempting

  8. Wow dear, just now saw your post..Awesome work Shylaa :) Looks so delicious and combining sugar syrup and milk sounds really fabulous :)

  9. good try very well dont good job.

  10. Looks so delicious! You have done it really well :)

  11. Shylaa, just catching up on a lot os blog posts. Hope your health is much better now?
    Amazing that you were able to try this recipe!


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